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Traverse City Wine Tour – Wine Education

If you take a Traverse City wine tour with Old Mission Tours, you will have a great time while you learn a lot about wine in the process. You know how studying about something seems such hard work? But watching a movie or documentary about it makes it more real and interesting? It’s like that [...]

Reasons to Take a Traverse City Wine Tour

Why should you book an Old Mission Tours wine tour in Traverse City, MI? Okay, we might be biased, but here are just a few reasons we think you should take a wine tour in beautiful Northern Michigan: 1. Winter is over. Finally! And if you want to immerse yourself in stunning spring-to-summer landscapes and [...]

Wine Tasting Activities with Traverse City Wine Tours on Old Mission

Have you heard about pairing certain wines with certain foods to enhance the flavors? Old Mission wine tasting tours has the inspired idea of pairing wine tasting with other activities for a very special experience! Here are some fun ideas to combine with Traverse City wine tastings for a memorable outing, the best date, or [...]

Traverse City Wine Tours – Old Mission Wineries Best

Come and discover a private, quaint and personal Traverse City wine tour with Old Mission Tours. We will take you on a voyage of discovery – for your taste buds and your other senses. Come with us to taste some of the best wines produced in Northern Michigan and discover the finest attributes of each [...]