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Wine Descriptions for Your Wine Tour

While you don’t need to have an education in fine wines to enjoy a Traverse City wine tour, exploring Old Mission Peninsula wineries and chatting with the locals can be much more fun when you know a bit of the lingo used to describe the different wines. Here are some of the most common descriptive [...]

History of Michigan Wine

Michigan wines have received national and international attention in recent years, and as you would discover on an Old Mission, Traverse City wine tour, the history of Michigan wine is quite fascinating. France has been a leader in wine production for centuries, so it’s no surprise that when French explorers and settlers discovered wild grapes [...]

Tips for Outdoor Wine Tasting & Parties

Enjoying an Old Mission Peninsula wine tour near Traverse City, MI is half the fun if you include the research for holding your own wine tasting party in the months ahead! Since the Old Mission Wine Tour company offers 4X4 Ford passenger vans during all seasons, rest assured that your group of up to 10 [...]