old mission leelanau county harvest

The harvest is looking full and healthy in Northern Michigan, and it’s the perfect time to come see the full vines for yourself.

It’s nearly harvest time in Leelanau┬áCounty and Old Mission Peninsula. As regular travelers along the busy, beautiful corridors of both wine trails, we’re very lucky to the vineyards go from brown and barren to a rich green and full of grapes. It’s a process that positively fascinates! The vines themselves are influenced by precipitation, average temperature, and any extreme or sudden changes in air temperature. With some periods of heavy rain and weeks of dry, we wondered how the harvest would be affected.

Luckily, all signs point to a large and healthy harvest this autumn. As reported in the Record-Eagle recently, wineries in both Leelanau County and on Old Mission Peninsula report that, on the whole, it’s been a good year for the region’s grapes. An especially soggy end to August and start to September may have slowed grape maturation, but the recent heat wave has helped spark the last step of the process from berry to harvest-ready fruit.

Veraison describes the final step in a months-long process to have grapes ready to pluck from the fine. Wineries around the area are expecting to harvest soon, with some already getting underway. It’s an extraordinarily busy time for winemakers and the careful process calls for long days and a pinch of patience. Vessels for storage, mixing, and further fermentation are at the ready, and the cooler temperatures will be a relief for those who brave long hours in the fields.

Harvest is a wonderful time for wine lovers to see the process for themselves! Get your friends together and let us show you this exciting time of year at a number of the finest wineries in Northern Michigan.