Monthly Archives: February 2017


A Night On The Town with Old Mission Tours

Our Night on the Town is a great option for folks looking to really see all the hottest spots in Traverse City. Beer, wine, incredible spaces and the nicest people; this is the tour for people who want to have fun, see the town, and enjoy new places. It's an absolute favorite for bachelorette parties, for [...]

A Lot of Love for Leelanau: The Grand Traverse Bay Loop

Our look at some of the favorite routes in Leelanau County rolls on with a look at the beautiful Grand Traverse Bay Loop. If you love wineries, views of West Bay, and some of the nicest and most knowledgeable folks around, we’ve got just the tour for you!   […]

A Lot of Love For Leelanau: The Northern Loop

Our celebration of Leelanau Peninsula rolls on, and after taking a look at the beautiful Sleeping Bear Loop, we look a little further north for a few vineyards and cider houses that brush up to the very tip of the Peninsula. Veteran wine connoisseur or eager adventurer, Old Mission Tour brings you the best of [...]

A Lot of Love for Leelanau: The Sleeping Bear Loop

There's never a dull day in Leelanau County. It's one of the most celebrated places in the Midwest, with stunning vineyards on par with the best of California, wine on par with the best of Europe, and people you won't find anywhere else. We're giving Leelanau just a little love this week with a look [...]

You’ve Never Seen Northern Michigan Like This!

Winter has settled over Old Mission and Leelanau peninsulas like a cozy sweater. The changing seasons give our beautiful region a new look every few months, and winter is not to be missed! Whether you’re a local looking for something to get you out of the house, or only around for a short while, winter [...]