The City of Riesling: Education and Fun For Wine Lovers

July is a busy time for events in Traverse City, but the City of Riesling is a special one that wine lovers will not want to miss! On July 23-24, wine enthusiasts get a real treat. The City of Riesling is the perfect chance to learn more about the art, science, and process of Northern [...]

It’s Time For The National Cherry Festival!

The National Cherry Festival is here, with daily activities, family fun, and just another reason to spend some time in Traverse City. As if you needed another reason, the 2017 National Cherry Festival kicks off on July 1. It's a whole week of festivities for the whole family. The carnival rides, the concerts, the pie [...]

Stay Connected To Old Mission On Instagram

We're pretty luck to visit Old Mission every day. If you can't, don't fret; you can follow your favorite wineries on Instagram! It's really the perfect platform to see all the stunning scenery in one spot. Old Mission has incredible views year-round, plus dazzling tasting rooms and facilities. Many of the wineries do a great [...]