city of riesling wine traverse city michigan

July is a busy time for events in Traverse City, but the City of Riesling is a special one that wine lovers will not want to miss!

On July 23-24, wine enthusiasts get a real treat. The City of Riesling is the perfect chance to learn more about the art, science, and process of Northern Michigan’s famous offering. The Riesling grape has become synonymous with Traverse City winemakers in both Leelanau County and on Old Mission Peninsula. Nearly every winery in the area offers a wide array of Rieslings, putting the region on par with those German and French areas where the grape originates.

On July 23 and 24, some of the most experienced winemakers in the area will gather to spread knowledge and offer tastings, lectures, delicious foods and more in a string of events right here in Traverse City. Your full agenda includes a Lunch by the Bay, a tasting and panel discussion, and special lunch at Gajin, and plenty more.

We love the simplicity of enjoying a bottle of wine with friends. An open bottle with people you love is always the best wine you’ll have. However, we do love the intricate process of wine production. With so many variables, the line between science and art gets blurred. It requires a jazz-like ability to improvise, and a keen eye for detail. You also need an intimate knowledge of a region’s soil, weather, climate, and dynamic changes between all three.

Whether you’re looking to expand your wine knowledge or simply enjoy time with friends, don’t let the City of Riesling slip past. It’s also a perfect lead-in to the Traverse City Film Festival, which takes place July 25-30!

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