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The only way to make a beer or wine tour in Northern Michigan even better is to enjoy it with beautiful fall colors serving as your backdrop!

We’ve rolled right through Labor Day, and the next big date on the calendar is a bit less set in stone. Fall colors are coming! Just when they’ll arrive always takes a bit of forecasting to get right. Traverse City has had warm, if a bit soggy, weather to kick off September, and that seems to have pushed fall colors back just a little bit. There are multiple spots on the peninsula with yellow, reds, and oranges starting to pop into what is otherwise a landscape brushed heavily in a deep dark green.

The vines themselves are in full leaf and heavy with nearly ripe grapes. Harvest is coming up in the next few weeks, however, and we’ll be treated to a busy time around the wineries. Busy, but exciting! Being on hand to witness the process is endlessly fascinating.

According to mLive.com, we should see true peak color just after the harvest. Harvest usually starts in mid-September. The best colors will hit closer to October 7-14. Perhaps it’s a good idea to make two trips north with us, right?

Whether you’re here for the wine, the colors, or something else, a wine tour with Old Mission Tours is a wonderful way to take in the many wonderful wineries and breweries in Traverse City. Book your private or join-in tour this autum! Witness all the incredible views and unforgettable people that make this region so charming.

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Your trip to Traverse City’s world-class wineries is so close! We can’t wait to see you right here on Old Mission Peninsula.