Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we get at Old Mission Peninsula wine tours near beautiful Traverse City, MI:

Are wine tasting fees included in the cost of the tour?

No, they are not. Each winery sets its own price for tasting and some offer discounts if you purchase a bottle of wine or have other special offers. Typically tasting ranges from $5 to $10 per person. Driver gratuity is also not included in the cost for Old Mission Peninsula wine tours.

What can you tell me about your tour guides?

Our friendly tour guides at Old Mission Peninsula wine tours are experienced and professional. They have worked hard to establish and maintain relationships with the wineries on the peninsula. Many of our guides are life long residents of the area.

How safe are your tour vehicles?

At Old Mission Peninsula wine tours we are as passionate about safety as we are about the wine industry near Traverse City. We offer the newest fleet of vehicles in the area. The average age of our vehicles is about 1.5 years old and several are 4 wheel drive. Our vehicles are fully insured and state licensed, plus we are fully compliant with all DOT regulations.

How many people can you accommodate for a tour?

We can accommodate up to 32 in one van and over 200 at one time in multiple vans.

We’re visiting from out of town with our family. My wife and I want to go for a tasting tour but are we allowed to bring our children?

Most wineries do allow children but ask that children and teens stand away from the tasting counters. You may want to be prepared with quiet activities to keep your children happily occupied while you sample Northern Michigan wines. If you have family members under the age of 18 they are only allowed on private tours.

How long is each stop at a winery usually?

It varies of course depending on how busy it is and how many questions tasters have but generally you can expect to spend around half an hour to 45 minutes at a winery for a tasting. Of course they is no set time limit on private tours. With the unbelievable views and patios at several of the wineries a glass of wine and a small plate are a great way to spend an hour in the sunshine.

What other kind of activities can be added to Old Mission Peninsula wine tours?

There are many possibilities near Traverse City! You could tour orchards and farms, visit the Old Mission Lighthouse or antique shops and art galleries, or check out the great local hiking trails, beaches, sand dunes, and heritage sites. Call us to tell us what you enjoy and we’ll help you custom-design a tour.

Do you have any other questions about our Old Mission Peninsula wine tours? Contact us at Old Mission Tours or call us at (231) 883-TOUR (8687).