Many of us don’t need any more reasons to raise a glass of vino, but at Traverse City wine tours we love sharing fun facts about wine.


Here are five wonderful and random facts about wine (and reasons to come out and enjoy our Traverse City wine tours!):


A wine fridge or cellar isn’t just for show. Storing wine where it’s too hot or cold could damage the wine (so forget your kitchen cupboard or fridge!). We think the best place to taste wine and build your own wine collection is on our custom designed Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsula wine tours. The best place to keep wine? Where it’s cool and dark like in a proper wine fridge or cellar of course!


What’s fat free and cholesterol free? Wine. It’s true. Wine (in moderation, of course) is good for your health.


Wine really can help with romance. It’s not just a Hollywood cliché to have a bottle of wine for date night: The results of an Australian survey suggest that women who indulge in a glass or two of wine a day enjoy intimacy with their partners more than their teetotaller counterparts. (If that inspires you to book a romantic Traverse wine tours, we can help!)


Miraculous beverage. Do you remember the first miracle attributed to Jesus in the Bible? In the Gospel of John, when Jesus, his mother, and his disciples are at a wedding in Cana when the wine runs out. Mary brings this to the attention of Jesus (running out of wine at a wedding would have dishonored the host family), and he turns the water into wine. When you visit the local wineries of your choice on our Traverse City wine tours, you’ll appreciate the gift of fine wine for any celebration!


Wine likes to lie down. If you keep wine bottles standing up, natural corks could dry out enough to let air into the bottle. So having a wine rack full of bottles lying on their sides doesn’t just look nice; it’s good for the wine.


When you enjoy our custom Traverse City wine tours, not only will you learn all sorts of interesting facts about wine tasting and wine, but you can relax because you can leave the driving to our expert driver guides.


Traverse City wine tours are wonderful for special occasions, time out with friends or that special someone, or just because. Contact us at Old Mission Tours to arrange the custom private tour of your choice to wineries on the Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsulas. For more information or a reservation, call us at (231) 883-TOUR.