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Halloween is the start of the holiday season, at least in our book!

We wanted to take a second to wish you a fun, safe, and spooky Halloween this year! Northern Michigan has been treated to a simply gorgeous autumn and we’ve had a lot of fun making the most of it. Between the fall colors and warm temperatures, this has been an unforgettable October. As we turn to Halloween, we’re ready to bundle up and savor the changing of the seasons.

The tradition took shape over 2,000 years ago as a part of the Celtic tradition. The Celts celebrated their New Year on November 1, which made a lot of sense for an agricultural society whose lives depended on the familiar cycle of seasonal planting and harvesting. The celebration was similar to many harvest-time celebrations around the world. Eventually, the Catholic Church made November 1 All Saints’ Day in the hopes of converting some of the enthusiasm to reverence.

Revelers still wanted to have their day, and the festivities of eating treats, dressing up in masks, and visiting friends and neighbors moved a day earlier, on All Hallows’ Eve. The tradition morphed over the years, influenced by different cultures and regions all over the world.

Our wine tours and beer tours are a bit like trick or treating for adults, but we’re lucky enough to do it all year long! For the kids, Halloween is a tantalizing thrill that comes just once a season, and we hope you get to spend it with the young people in your life. Enjoy it!

This is truly a wonderful time in Northern Michigan. After Halloween, we are always booking adventures with family home for the holidays and visiting home or someplace new! We love being a part of your holiday traditions, from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas and even for the New Year!

Have a wonderful Halloween, everyone!