Join In Tour Descriptions

We have Join In Tours for almost everyone 7 days a week for $69 per person plus gratuity*. These tours can start out quiet but on the way home everyone wants to live together forever!

1. Free pick up and drop off in the Traverse City area.

2. Bring your I.D. They even asked my grandmother last week for hers.

3. Tasting fees run $8 and up per person at most places.

4. A small cooler is okay for food or beverage (alcohol is allowed).

5. *  With gratuity the total is $81.42 per person. Tasting fees are paid directly to the venue by the customer.

Traverse City Wine Tour

4-Hour Join In Tour on Old Mission Peninsula

Where do we stop:

3 great wineries on Old Mission Peninsula for wine and hard ciders.

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Leelanau Peninsula Tour

4 Hour Join in Tour on Leelanau Peninsula

Where do we stop:

Two stops for wine and one for spirits.

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Beer and Wine Tour

4 Hour Join In Tour

Where do we stop:

Two stops at wineries on Old Mission Peninsula and a stop in the Traverse City area a brewery and or distillery.

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Urban Beer and Wine Tour

Where do we go:

In a 20 plus block area of Traverse City, there are fantastic breweries, distilleries, wine stops, and some live music on most weekend nights.

Where do we stop:

Four or more places in the Traverse City area. They can include Right Brain Brewery, Rare Bird, Traverse City Whiskey, Grand Traverse Distillery, Filling Station, Workshop Brewery, Mammoth Distilling, Olives & Wine, Taproot Cider House. The list could go on, and there is always a chance to grab some fantastic food along the way. We get you there and home safe. We also take requests when you book online.

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