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There’s a secret just down the hill from Brys Estate. In fact, it’s a whole secret garden to enjoy!

The next time you join us for a wine tour of Old Mission Peninsula, there’s something secret to be whispered as we roll towards Blue Water Road. Just over halfway along the peninsula, where the road rises up to the peak of the ridge, sits famous¬†Brys Estate. The winery is a landmark for wine enthusiasts. The tasting room enjoys spectacular views and row after row of vines. For wine lovers, there’s plenty to enjoy for more than a single stop, and with that in mind, there’s more.

Just down the hill sits an old farmhouse that used to sit be surrounded by cherry trees. That little home is now nestled in the midst of 5,000 lavender plants, a stunning soft purple patch hidden from the road and driveway between two rolling hills. The Secret Garden at Brys Estate is a charming little hideaway!

All of its products center around lavender, from soap to soft goods. Under sunny skies, you’ll find the wrap-around porch occupied by shade seekers, many of them nursing their Moomer’s Ice Cream. Of course, one of the flavors has to be lavender right from the farm! Inside, the cool and calming space is inviting and calming, with excellent gifts for people of all ages.¬†lavender secret garden traverse city wine tour

One of our favorites is the lavender infused pillows for kids. The pillows have to lavender sachets inside and give off a wonderful whiff of the scents whenever they’re hugged or squeezed. It’s enough to help calm down even the most rambunctious of rugrats, and the perfect gift for the kids you might have waiting at home after a fun day in the vines.

The Secret Garden at Brys Estate is one of our absolute favorites, and we’d love to swing by with you on your next tour!