autumn pumpkin soup wine pairing traverse city

Autumn offers a new plethora of flavors, and we love mixing the tastes of the season with the wines we enjoy year-round!

As Northern Michigan moves deep into October, the many vegetables and seasonal offerings burst into farmer’s markets and onto our plates. It’s a thrill and a welcome challenge to make the most of these local delights. Entertaining with unique dishes and paired perfectly with wines that complement that certain fall flavor is part of the joy of this wonderful season.

There are hundreds of recipes that offer up creative ways to blend the pumpkin, squash, onion, and other autumn staples into diverse plates. One of our favorite dishes is the almost improvisational Jamaican-Style Pumpkin Soup recipe that was sent our way last week. That’s right, there’s more to life than just pumpkin spice lattes.

Like the season, this recipe allows for a changing and almost playful flexibility in ingredients. As noted in the recipe itself, Caribean pumpkin has more characteristics in common with our butternut squash. In Northern Michigan, however, our pumpkins offer a creamy and thick consistency that works extremely well. Feel free to use either pumpkin or butternut squash, or even a mix of the two, for this recipe.

This soup offers a wholesome yet sweet flavor that pairs well with a semi-dry white with fruity notes. While Wine Enthusiasts suggests an Italian Prosecco, we like to keep things a little more local. Chateau Chantal’s Semi-Dry Riesling would be a wonderful pairing or Black Star Farms’ Arcturus Semi-Dry.

With the fall flavors comes the fall colors! We’ve been enjoying our time in the vine this October. The warm temperatures have slowed the changing of the leaves. Autumn has given us much more time to savor the slow unveiling of color all over Old Mission Peninsula and throughout Leelanau County. Peak color is still to come, and we can’t wait!

Join us for a wine or beer tour this month, and we’ll look forward to showing you everything we love about the wineries and breweries Up North!