Traverse City winery tours are a great way to learn about wine and food pairings.


Even if you’re familiar with the art of matching wine to food to enhance the flavors, there is always so much more to learn – and let’s face it: Experiencing the taste yourself on Traverse City winery tours is much more fun than reading about how to pair wine!


As you visit the local wineries of your choice on our customized tours, you are always welcome to ask questions about which foods complement each wine you taste. The staff at each winery and your Old Mission wine tour chauffeur will be happy to give you food pairing ideas for your favorite wines.


You can take notes and start planning for your future dinner parties! Consider how a lovely smooth Chardonnay pairs well with flavorful fish in a rich sauce while a robust red with spicy notes is strong enough to balance the tastes of a well-seasoned red meat dish.


There are interesting ways to pair wines, like serving an acidic wine with meals that are fatty or a bitter wine with sweet dishes. As with many things related to food, the possibilities are endless; and some flavors will appeal to your palate more than others, which is why experimenting and learning more about wine and food pairings on Traverse City winery tours is the best kind of research.


When you’ve had an opportunity to taste several different types of wines, you can trust that the wines you buy along the way are ones you will enjoy – and feel confident about pairing with foods when you serve them.


Aside from learning about the best of local wines, you also get to enjoy the atmosphere unique to each winery, soak in the spectacular views of Northern Michigan’s wine country, and enjoy great company. It’s always a wonderful outing for visitors to the area and locals who want to enjoy time out with friends or that special someone.


Even better, you can relax and enjoy the whole experience without worry because our skilled driver guides will do the driving. No drawing straws to see who has to be the designated driver!


Select some wonderful local wines and serve them like a wine professional after you enjoy Traverse City winery tours. Contact us at Old Mission Tours to arrange the custom private tour of your choice to wineries on the Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsulas. For more information or a reservation, call us at (231) 883-TOUR.